Profession Fromager

Dear Friends and Family, Profession Fromager, France’s leading cheese industry journal, picked up my story and I am delighted to share it with you here —  racontée en français. Je voudrais remercier Débora Pereira et Arnaud Sperat-Czar pour l’occasion de partager (un peu) mes expériences avec le monde francophone. Linnea  


  Dear Friends and Family, I met Øystein Skjæveland , an organic ice cream maker, at Matstreif, Norway’s largest food festival and dairy competition. Several months later, he introduced himself as Editor of Gardsosten, the Norwegian Dairy Association’s biannual magazine, and requested permission to republish my stories. It is a thrill to see my work … More Gardsosten

The Splendid Table

Dear Friends and Family, I am tremendously honored by the opportunity I had to talk with one of my idols, Lynne Rosetta Kasper, and be on the same show that hosted so many other people who inspire me, like Julia Child and Michael Pollan. Tune into National Public Radio if you want to catch my … More The Splendid Table


  Dear Friends and Family, Switzerland and fondue go together like peanut butter and jelly, Wallace and Gromit, a light and a switch. But when I picture dressing up for Halloween as this perfect, cheesy pair, I see my Swiss friends laughing or shaking their heads at me. Not only because my costume would look … More Switzerland

Gruyère d’Alpage

Dear Friends and Family, While in Switzerland, all I wanted to do was immerse myself in the world of Gruyère. And not just any Gruyère: Gruyère d’alpage. A cheese so delicious, so nutty and so buttery, I dreamed of eating my way through an entire wheel, kilo by kilo. The most remarkable quality of Gruyère … More Gruyère d’Alpage


Dear Friends and Family, I do not read Portuguese well but am honored to share another piece about my world cheese tour. Thank you to Débora Pereira, editor of Profession Fromager, SoCheese and Sertaobras, for picking up my story and sharing it with Brazil. Many beijos, Linnea DIÁRIO DE UMA “CHEESE GIRL”: 14 MESES, … More DIÁRIO DE UMA “CHEESE GIRL”: 14 MESES, 4 CONTINENTES E MUITO QUEIJO

Valley News

Dear Family and Friends, My passion for cheese began as a passion for home. For this reason, I am particularly honored to share the following article from my local newspaper, The Valley News. Many thanks to Alex Hanson, for pulling my story together into a beautiful narrative, and to John Happel ( for the stunning  photo shoot. You … More Valley News