Working as an ice cream judge at Norwegian dairy competition.

Dear Friends and Family,

I met Øystein Skjæveland , an organic ice cream maker, at Matstreif, Norway’s largest food festival and dairy competition. Several months later, he introduced himself as Editor of Gardsosten, the Norwegian Dairy Association’s biannual magazine, and requested permission to republish my stories.

It is a thrill to see my work translated into Norwegian (a language I love) and to stay connected to Norwegian farmers and cheesemakers through a magazine I also love. Norway remains one of my favorite cheese countries and I will never forget trekking 4,000 + kilometers from dairy to dairy there by bus, car, plane, bike, kayak and foot. (Nor will I likely forget running through the Lesja mountains and hauling out a heavy backpack of reindeer meat with cheesemaker Sigurd Avdem during the annual hunt.)

If you don’t read Norwegian, you might enjoy the challenge or at least the photos, drawn from my travels through Norway and Switzerland (see below). Few people may realize the similarities, from a cheese perspective, between the two countries. In Norway, as in Switzerland, cheesemaking is closely tied to the mountains (with cheesemakers in both places moving their livestock to alpine pastures during the summer months) and can be traced back hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

Much love and more stories to come soon,






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