The Splendid Table

switzerland-with-linnea-29Dear Friends and Family,

I am tremendously honored by the opportunity I had to talk with one of my idols, Lynne Rosetta Kasper, and be on the same show that hosted so many other people who inspire me, like Julia Child and Michael Pollan.

Tune into National Public Radio if you want to catch my most recent interview this weekend !

Or check out the following link:

More to come soon,

Much love,




6 thoughts on “The Splendid Table

  1. Dear Linnea Burnham ~ Very much appreciated your conversation on npr about your cheesy adventures…but seriously, as a cheese and general kitchen lover, I found it delightful. Let me add, my appreciation extended to your excellent syntax! No, seriously, as a lover of language (professional court interpreter and general translator of Span/Eng), I really enjoy a spoken narrative delivered in a smooth, clean, and yet eloquent syntax. Your nuanced sense of humor, a plus. So many oral journalists could learn from you!


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