Dear Friends and Family, I do not read Portuguese well but am honored to share another piece about my world cheese tour. Thank you to Débora Pereira, editor of Profession Fromager, SoCheese and Sertaobras, for picking up my story and sharing it with Brazil. http://www.sertaobras.org.br/blog/2016/10/10/diario-de-uma-cheese-girl-14-meses-4-continentes-e-muito-queijo/ Many beijos, Linnea DIÁRIO DE UMA “CHEESE GIRL”: 14 MESES, … More DIÁRIO DE UMA “CHEESE GIRL”: 14 MESES, 4 CONTINENTES E MUITO QUEIJO

Valley News

Dear Family and Friends, My passion for cheese began as a passion for home. For this reason, I am particularly honored to share the following article from my local newspaper, The Valley News. Many thanks to Alex Hanson, for pulling my story together into a beautiful narrative, and to John Happel (http://johnjhappel.com) for the stunning  photo shoot. You … More Valley News

Cutting the Curd

Dear Friends and Family, The Heritage Radio Network is one fantastic, fun and totally with it radio station. I subscribe to their weekly show, Cutting the Curd, because it keeps me in the loop and fuels my love for all things cheese. Since their start in 2009, Cutting the Curd has hosted an impressive range … More Cutting the Curd

Notes on Fondue

Dear Family and Friends, My favorite thing about fondue may surprise you. It is not the joy of melted cheese. It is not the fun of a shared meal. It is not even the transformation of my two staple foods (bread and cheese) into an elegant and satisfying dinner. Of course, I take pleasure in all … More Notes on Fondue


Dear Family and Friends, If you want to learn about Gruyère cheese, you must go to Bulle, Switzerland. Bulle, also known as the “capital” of Gruyère, is not only surrounded by dozens of dairies, cheesemakers and affineurs but is also home to the Interprofession du Gruyère — which, by the way, is the Gruyère industry’s head organization … More Switzerland