Cutting the Curd

ctc2Dear Friends and Family,

The Heritage Radio Network is one fantastic, fun and totally with it radio station. I subscribe to their weekly show, Cutting the Curd, because it keeps me in the loop and fuels my love for all things cheese. Since their start in 2009, Cutting the Curd has hosted an impressive range of industry experts and put on some truly great interviews.

When I first listened to the show last spring, I wanted to meet the people behind it and be like their articulate, knowledgeable guests. I still have a long way to go but am proud to announce that I was invited for an interview, which aired this week.

If you would like to hear me talk about cheese-making in the Arctic Circle, Mongolia and South Africa, check out the link below !

Thank you to Greg Blais (for the conversation), Emily Acosta (for your interest and invite) and the rest of the producers (whom I also hope to meet someday) for your inspiration and for making it happen.

With love,


Watson Fellow Linnea Burnham


2 thoughts on “Cutting the Curd

  1. Heureuse de t’entendre à nouveau et dans ta langue ! Ca fait drôle d’entendre parler de notre petite région fromagère, la Franche-Comté !


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