Cheese for Breakfast

Leipäjuusto, or coffee cheese, is a traditional Finnish cheese made for dipping in hot coffee.
Leipäjuusto, or coffee cheese, is a traditional Finnish cheese made for dipping in hot coffee.

Finland has it figured out. They may not be world renowned for fine cheese but they are the only country that makes a cheese suitable, if not ideal, for breakfast. Who says cheese should only be consumed as an appetizer (U.S.) or as a dessert (France), anyways?

Leipäjuusto, or coffee cheese, is a fresh goat milk cheese that is pressed and then baked. The process results in a cheese that is like eating fresh mozzarella and old cheese curds at the same time. Picture sweet, milky whey filling your tastebuds followed by the most delightful squeakiness.

I discovered Leipäjuusto while traveling through Lapland. It is common to find in Finnish supermarkets.
Leipäjuusto is common in Finnish supermarkets.

As my Finnish host showed me, it is customary to dip Leipäjuusto into hot coffee in the morning. Although the cheese is a great stand alone, pairing it with coffee brings out the best of both worlds. Hot coffee softens the Leipäjuusto and, as it melts a little, the Leipäjuusto deposits milk fat into the coffee. Win-win.

If you enjoy cheese as much as I do, you’ll understand my disappointment that Leipäjuusto is not more widely available. Coffee is still good with donuts, scones, and other breakfast foods but, once you’ve had it with the right cheese, there’s just no going back.

Much love to you all,



3 thoughts on “Cheese for Breakfast

  1. Linnea,

    Love reading your posts! If you’re in Scotland, come see us in Edinburgh. We’re here till Dec. 21.


    Susan & Tom

    (mobile) 0741 588 0193


    1. Dear Susan and Tom,
      So nice to hear from you and that you are following my Watson journey!
      I am in Italy at the moment (thanks to this amazing event and will be here until November when I head to the World Cheese Awards in England. If I travel to Scotland, I will definitely look you up.
      I hope you are having a great time there.. and perhaps finding some interesting Scottish cheese?


  2. The coffee cheese is good anytime of the day. I just got back from a visit to cousins in Finland. I like visiting them, because they always invite us for “coffee” at the old farm house of one of the cousins–there the table always has a sandwich cake, a fancy sweet layer cake, some cookies, and, best of all, a huge plate of the coffee cheese. I don’t think that a formal (think gold rimmed coffee cups) “coffee” gathering is complete without the cheese.


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